Deadpool: Here are all the scenes that the Censor Board had problem with

By admin, February 13, 2016

For the last several months, the Censor Board has been regularly making headlines and well, needless to say, for all the wrong reasons.

Many filmmakers from Bollywood have accused the board of being too harsh on films. Some have even gone on to say that they are completely against the idea of censorship in films.

After Hansal Mehta’s ‘Aligarh,’ Hollywood film ‘Deadpool’ is the latest one to face CBFC’s fury. According to a DNA report, the film has been passed with seven cuts.

References to male and female reproductive organs have been removed. A love-making scene has been shortened and several double meaning dialogues have been chopped off. The Censor Board also disapproved a poster in which a lady has been shown touching her private part. Shots of a head being blown and a hand being cut off couldn’t make it to the screen either.

To make sure that the film hits the screen with minimal nudity, a scene at a strip club has been tampered with too. The board has also done away with visuals of bare bodies.

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